I am a freelance marketing and brand consultant and an expert in developing brands, propositions and core messaging that evoke emotion. I have recently worked with the likes of the British Dyslexia Association, Breast Cancer Now, Diabetes UK and Breast Cancer Care to refresh their brands and core propositions to help them reach their audiences on an emotional level and develop a strong case for support.

Brand development for Nutters Vegan Cheese
Brand development for Nutters Vegan Cheese

Brand development services include:

  • Managing brand development projects from end to end
  • Running proposition and core messaging workshops
  • Creating core messaging decks that are tailored for use by different areas of the business as well as corporate partners
  • Creating and managing core brand campaigns that tell a story
Brand campaign development for Breast Cancer Care
Booberang campaign for Breast Cancer Care

Marketing consultancy services include:

  • Creating and running integrated marketing and communications plans
  • Marketing and communications strategy development
  • Management of high-profile campaigns for non-profits including Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Dyslexia Awareness Week
  • Social media strategy development and auditing

SUCCESS STORY: working with Breast Cancer Care I managed a brand redevelopment project to add emotion to an otherwise ageing brand. By running a series of internal and external workshops, redefining the core proposition and creating a strong launch campaign the charity were able to engage with a broader audience and ultimately see a significant increase in both brand awareness and income.